WorldScreenings: TAICCA


With first-time pavilions at MIPCOM and MIA, and a planned delegation at this December’s ATF Online+, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) continues to actively promote Taiwan’s cultural industries abroad.

“The production scale of Taiwanese TV series such as SEQALU: Formosa 1867 and Tears on Fire has seen significant growth as a result of long-term efforts in building up Taiwan’s audiovisual industry,” according to TAICCA CEO Izero Lee. “TAICCA’s strategy for connecting Taiwanese content to the world not only promotes outstanding content but also highlights the advantages of Taiwan’s film and TV industry in terms of production capacity and cultural diversity.”

TAICCA was formed in June 2019 under the oversight of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture with the remit of supporting a range of content industries, including film and television, pop music, publishing, fashion and more. Its activities include the management of the National Development Fund to develop IP, incubate culture technologies and facilitate startups. It also promotes Taiwan’s cultural brand globally, with the creative industries now valued as a key economic contributor.

A range of new and returning shows are in the spotlight in TAICCA’s Fall 2021 Showcase. In terms of drama, there’s a diverse array on offer, including Greener Grass Production’s sci-fi series 2049; inJECT Inspiration’s crime series You Have to Kill Me, sold by Studio76 Original Productions; the lush period drama Gold Leaf, produced by Greener Grass Production and sold by Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation; the fantasy anthology Heaven on the 4th Floor from The Walkers Films; the sports-themed Girls Win from Magichour Film and sold by Hakka TV; and Jin Pai Fong Hua Video Production’s Piggy’s Counter-Attack, distributed by Sanlih E-Television. There’s also a comedy-romance on offer from Each Other Films called Show On: An Influencer’s Rise to Her Hot Hot Fame.

On the non-scripted side, E-Kite Entertainment and Choco Media are showcasing Friends by Food Truck, while from How Kan Entertainment and Sanlih E-Television there is the long-running All Star Sports Day. Vision Creator Production Company is highlighting the freediving and photography competition Aqua Challenge, while from Wildfire Entertainment there is the pop music competition Dancing Diamond 52. There are also some talk shows in the mix, with Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation’s 36 Questions and Titan Creative Entertainment and Screenworks Asia’s Dee’s Talk.

There’s also a wealth of kids’ content being produced out of Taiwan, and this Showcase includes Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation’s Master Chef’s Scientific Kung-Fu and Studio2 Animation Lab’s Pigsy Express.

Beyond promoting Taiwanese content to the world, TAICCA also manages the Creative Content Development Program, which provides funding assistance to projects in the development stage; and Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program, allowing projects by TAICCA’s partners in the production stage to seek international co-production and distribution opportunities.

To further showcase Taiwan’s cultural content industry to the world, TAICCA will host the second edition of the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), an annual international market and exhibition from November 10 to 14 that celebrates Taiwanese content driven by technology and creativity.

See TAICCA’s Fall 2021 Showcase here.