tvN Movies Expands Asian Reach


CJ E&M has clinched a second carriage deal for its Korean movie channel tvN Movies, announcing an agreement with HyppTV to expand the service to Malaysia.

Earlier this year, tvN Movies launched in Singapore. Malaysia is the channel’s second market in Asia. It aims to deliver first and exclusive rights to blockbuster hits, with an upcoming slate that includes Confidential Assignment and Fabricated City. In addition, tvN Movies has acquired the rights for the highly anticipated Battleship Island.

“The introduction of tvN Movies in Asia is a strategic move for CJ E&M to broaden its reach by tapping into the rising trend of Korean movies, which are in high demand, in particular in the Southeast Asian region,” said Samey Lee, CEO of CJ E&M HK. “By launching the world’s first and only Korean blockbuster movie channel, we hope to expand our service offerings and deliver a unique and sophisticated Korean home-cinema experience to our viewers. I believe that tvN Movies is launched at a perfect time to bridge the gap between the K-movie market and its mass international audience.”

tvN Movies plans to continue its Southeast Asian expansion through 2017.