The Last Cop Being Adapted as Japanese Feature


MUNICH: Red Arrow International has licensed its scripted crime format The Last Cop to Nippon TV, which is prepping a theatrical feature for release in Japan.

Tentatively titled The Last Cop The Movie, the film is currently in preproduction, with a theatrical release across Japan planned for May 2017. The film version will feature the stars of the current Nippon and Hulu television version of the cop show, Toshiaki Karasawa (20th Century Boys, Toshiie and Matsu) and Masataka Kubota (Mars, Death Note).

Henrik Pabst, managing director of Red Arrow International, said: “For The Last Cop Japan to be getting a feature-film version is testament to the huge success of the show in Japan, and the appetite for this type of sharp-witted, action-packed programming. We are delighted to see the format travel so extensively around the world and prove such a hit.”