Screen Australia Selects 12 Companies for Funding


SYDNEY: Screen Australia has chosen 12 companies that will share in more than A$2.6 million ($1.9 million) through its Enterprise Industry program, among them the Aussie producer CJZ.

CJZ will use the funds to build a talent incubator for digital audiences and develop workshops for Australian writing talent to prepare scripts for local and international markets. Arclight Films International will use the money to co-develop, co-finance and co-produce Australian-Chinese feature film projects through a new division, Chinalight. Chinese and Australian creatives will be involved in the development of the projects and participate in workshops, promoting cross-cultural exchange of ideas and information. Brindle Films, a production facility in the Northern Territory, will allocate the money to build their slate and increase their presence at domestic and international markets. It will also develop market-ready scripts for film, television and online delivery and mentor emerging NT producers, writers and directors.

Dinosaur’s successful application will allow them to work on their slate and business to develop content for local and international markets. Guerilla Films’ application incorporates slate development and establishing partnerships and digital media collaborations to build on the momentum of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, its foray into genre feature filmmaking. Ludo Studios’ proposal means that they will be able to expand their business, build on international alliances, and expand a multiplatform development initiative. The indie doc producer Media Stockade is expanding its business through the activation of their Impact Campaign Consultancy and The Doco Club, which aims to work with producers to connect a film with its organic interest base, engage new audiences and create positive action.

Pozible is a successful Australian crowd-funding portal. The introduction of ScreenConnect, an embeddable button, will facilitate and incentivize the distribution of crowd-funded films on Pozible, the filmmaker’s site or on fans’ websites. Princess Pictures will develop a comedy incubator. Rough Diamond plans to develop long-running television series working with new and established talent.

Screen Impact, meanwhile, is a new feature documentary distribution and rights management company from Smith and Nasht formed in collaboration with digital agency WoodyTV to guide filmmakers through the entire value chain of financing, marketing and distribution. Screen Impact also offers strategic impact production consultancy. Xyclo Media champions cultural diversity on screen, providing mentorship and development for talent from culturally diverse backgrounds. The company’s successful proposal means it will be able to build upon its unique position in the production landscape.

Richard Harris, the head of business and audience at Screen Australia, said, “The Enterprise Industry program rewards ambitious and innovative development programs and gives companies the extra funding they need to broaden their existing talent and skills. This extraordinary group of applicants have come to Screen Australia with ideas for growth that will not just advance their own businesses, but this industry as a whole.”