Quickflix CEO to Exit Company


SYDNEY: The Australian VOD portal Quickflix has lost two of its top board members, as Justin Milne and Susan Hunter have resigned, alongside Chris Taylor, the company’s CEO.

Milne is leaving his role as the non-executive director and deputy chairman. Hunger is exiting her role as the non-executive director. Hunter will remain with the company as secretary.

Taylor is planning to leave the company in March 2013. At that time, Stephen Langsford, the founder and executive chairman, will take on the CEO role.

A statement from the company regarding the changes reads: "Quickflix advises that negotiations continue with regard to the future funding of the company. The directors and management are currently pursuing several options and working through a restructuring plan to reduce costs and capital requirements. It is likely the company will remain in voluntary suspension until Thursday, 29 November 2012."