Orphan Black Set for Japanese Remake


A local version of Orphan Black is set to roll out in Japan, marking the first adaptation of the BBC America drama and BBC Worldwide’s first scripted-format deal in Asia.

Orphan Black – 7 Genes is produced by Telepack for free-to-air outlet Tokai TV, featuring well-known South Korean actress and singer Kang Ji-Young as Sara Aoyama. It premieres on Saturday, December 2, on Fuji TV.

Orphan Black has won multiple awards and has been seen in over 170 territories around the world,” said Soojin Chung, general manager of BBC Worldwide in Northeast Asia. “We are very happy that we are partnering with Tokai TV to produce the first Orphan Black format in Asia. Starring South Korean break-out star Kang Ji-Young in the Japanese version, we are confident that the series will resonate with audiences in Japan, South Korea and the rest of Asia, where she is well-known.”

Keisuke Matsumoto, producer at Tokai TV, added, “This is a truly challenging project, from the casting of the lead actress to getting the cinematography and post-production right. The original BBC America Orphan Black drama has been well-received by audiences worldwide; there is pressure to do the series justice, but there is also an excitement in producing a Japanese version of a global hit.”