Nippon TV & MEDYAPIM Celebrate Success of Mother, Woman in Turkey


Executives from Nippon TV and MEDYAPIM came together at a joint conference in Ankara, Turkey, to celebrate the success of the Turkish remakes of the Japanese dramas Mother and Woman.

Nippon TV’s Mother was successfully adapted as Anne in Turkey and Woman as Kadin in Turkey.

Nippon TV and MEDYAPIM joined together with the Japanese Embassy in Turkey and Ankara University at the special event. In attendance were Akio Miyajima, the Japanese ambassador to Turkey; Fatih Aksoy, CEO of MEDYAPIM; Ozge Ozpirincci, lead actress in Kadin; Kako Kuwahara, managing director of Nippon TV; and the three creators of Mother and Woman, including Producer Hisashi Tsugiya, Director Nobuo Mizuta and Scriptwriter Yuji Sakamoto.

Tsugiya said: “It was an honor for me to share my passion for Mother and Woman with this wonderful group in Turkey. The high level of production value, coupled with the skillful adaptation, that Fatih and his team created with their versions of Anne and Kadin greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“What a privilege for me to be acknowledged by the Japanese Embassy, the team from Nippon TV and the students from Ankara University,” commented Aksoy. “Anne and Kadin have both proven to be a ratings success in Turkey thanks to the amazing story created by Nippon TV. Stories with that deepness and elegance are not usual neither in Turkish television nor in world television. We try to keep all element of stories while in adaptation and I am proud of achieving this and it has been a tremendous pleasure to bring these stories to life.”