New Chief Content Officer in Place at MediaCorp


SINGAPORE: MediaCorp has appointed industry veteran Cheah Chee Kong as chief content officer, effective November 9.

In his new role, Chee Kong will be responsible for driving content strategy and development for the company’s portfolio of entertainment products across TV and digital platforms, as well as content syndication. Reporting to Chee Kong are Doreen Neo, the head of studios, and Georgina Chang, the head of the celebrity agency. Chee Kong previously held creative, content and marketing roles at Scripps Networks Interactive, Asia Pacific. He has more than 20 years of experience and began his career at Television Corporation of Singapore, which is now MediaCorp.

Shaun Seow, the CEO of MediaCorp, to whom Chee Kong will report, stated, “Creating content that entertains, engages and enriches our audiences fuels all that we do. Our significant investments in content have established a varied portfolio of entertainment products, many of which have won international awards and garnered good reviews. We have also taken much feedback from our audiences to keep improving. I am delighted that Chee Kong, or CheeK as he is better known, is rejoining us at MediaCorp. His experience and expertise will ensure we continue to develop relevant, innovative and marketable content for Singapore and the international market.”

Chee Kong said, “The role of chief content officer is one of the most exciting jobs in the industry and I’m thrilled to be joining the MediaCorp team at this juncture. MediaCorp continues to be a great incubator for creativity and talent, both as a content creator and as a partner to individuals and companies in the industry. Its hit properties across platforms speak for themselves and there’s tremendous energy in the team to build on this momentum and achieve even more.”