Netflix Pacts with Japan’s Studio Colorido


Netflix has inked a multi-title deal with Japanese feature animation outfit Studio Colorido following their successful partnership on A Whisker Away.

The streaming giant is working with Studio Colorido on three new films, beginning with Drifting Home, which premieres on September 16. The deal will also include a project directed by Tomotaka Shibayama that launches on Netflix in 2024.

“Studio Colorido has some of Japan’s finest animation creators who have been producing best-in-class original animated features over the last ten years,” said Yuji Yamano, director of Japan content at Netflix. “At Netflix, we place a premium on authentic material for our core fans as well as to draw in new viewers. This partnership extends our growing film slate in Japan and also adds to our collection of more ‘lean-back’ and family-friendly stories.”

According to Yamano, A Whisker Away became one of the top ten most watched films in over 30 countries.

“We will also explore theatrical releases for upcoming films we co-produce, in addition to their Netflix premieres,” Yamano added. “The first example of that will be Drifting Home, which will premiere on Netflix and in theaters on the same day. A Whisker Away gave us the opportunity to see a business model where streaming and theater release could co-exist. Our first premiere on Netflix also broke the mindset that a Japanese film would be well-received only in certain countries. For us, it was exciting to discover a new segment of viewers, beyond core anime fans.”

Koji Yamamoto, Studio Colorido’s president, added, “I hope this deal will signal to consumers, and to the industry, that theaters and streaming are complementary. We hope the partnership will be a successful example of giving consumers choice.”

Yamamoto noted that Studio Colorido’s “magic-realism” skews toward older teen and YA audiences. “Those will be throughlines to our upcoming films,” he said, “including the next film we’re currently developing, directed by Tomotaka Shibayama (A Whisker Away) planned to be released in 2024.”