Netflix Pacts with Japanese Filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda


Hirokazu Koreeda, who won the Palme d’Or for the 2018 movie Shoplifters, is developing a film and drama series for Netflix.

The alliance comes as Netflix ramps up its slate of live-action and anime projects in Japan.

“Netflix and I are teaming up to create a drama series and a big-budget movie that is different from my previous works,” Koreeda said. “Probably, the scale of the new movie will be different from the movies I’ve made before. Also, the drama series would not be realized if I didn’t collaborate with Netflix.”

Koreeda continued, “I’m not the only director working on the drama right now, I’m responsible for the chief direction as the showrunner and direct several episodes by myself, but this time I try to incorporate young directors and work with them. This is also a big appeal for me to work on this project.”

Netflix representatives noted, “Netflix’s next big bet is expanding its local feature films lineup. Given Japan is home to extraordinary talent who shape the cinematic history of the world, Netflix will work with a diverse roster of creators including the ones we work with today. We hope to play a role in the history of great local talent finding their voices and delivering them to audiences everywhere, from Japan to the world.”