MIPCOM Spotlight: Synergy88 Group


Basketball, love and crime come together in the anime series Barangay 143, which Synergy88 Group is highlighting at MIPCOM.

“Designed for young adults, the series is a drama, a crime thriller and a love story all united into one extraordinary animation,” says Jackeline Chua, managing director and co-founder of Synergy88 Group. “We have created a series that is not only true to the form of anime but is also reflective of the increasing popularity of animated shows among young adults and the popularity of basketball worldwide.”

Chua is confident that Barangay 143 “will not only appeal to basketball fans in the Philippines, where the game and anime have millions of fans, but to global audiences as well. Barangay 143 has a lot of heart, but it also has a sharp and dangerous edge, which is portrayed in its look and visual style.” Synergy88 Group is bringing members of the voice cast, including Cherie Gil and John Arcilla, to MIPCOM.