MIPCOM Spotlight: Nippon TV


The Asian World Premiere TV Screening at MIPCOM is Way Too Kawaii!, which Nippon TV will be showcasing for buyers.

In the series, an elite editor finds himself unwillingly transferred to a teen fashion magazine where cuteness (kawaii) reigns supreme. “In this golden age of drama, it is a title that is particularly fitting for digital platforms around the globe, and we hope that our world premiere will pique the interest of buyers the world over,” says Cindy Chino, senior director of international business development at Nippon TV. “From the beginning stages of planning Way Too Kawaii!, our target has been overseas viewers.”

The company is also presenting the formats When Life Gives You Money, an unscripted series featuring celebrities, and OASIS, A Love Story, a scripted drama with comedic elements sprinkled in. “This is a story about finding out the blessings of true love,” Chino says of the latter title.