MIPCOM Spotlight: CJ E&M


CANNES: Already commissioned in a number of territories, I Can See Your Voice is one of CJ E&M’s best-selling formats.

“After its successful release and now armed with a tremendous track record worldwide, we are definitely looking forward to this format traveling more,” says Jin Woo Hwang, the company’s head of global format development.

CJ E&M is also showcasing Grandpas Over Flowers, which has been successfully adapted as Better Late Than Never in the U.S. Small World IFT is distributing the format in Europe, while CJ E&M is handling Asian sales. There is also The Society Game, which is co-developed with Endemol Shine Group. “The format contains the highest level of creativity and production capability of the East and West,” says Hwang, who notes that Endemol Shine will be distributing the title worldwide.

“With our differentiated formats and stories, we believe Korean creativity has the potential to produce the next biggest hit,” says Hwang.

The experimental entertainment series Words Wars looks on as seven people of various nationalities who speak different languages live together for two months in a remote village and must collaborate to create a new lingua franca. CJ E&M is offering this format to international buyers, along with Between the Scenes, a dramatic reality show about the romantic relationships that go on behind the scenes of a web show. “This is a unique cross-platform experience and can work on every web series that is planned to go into production,” says Hwang. Then there is Sweetheart in Your Ear, an experimental dating show. The format watches as daters first talk over the phone and then decide only from the conversation who they want to go out with.

“We believe our new experimental formats are truly transferable and workable in any territory,” Hwang notes.

A spin-off of Let’s Eat, Drinking Solo aims to show viewers how to truly enjoy their beverages. “It’s bringing a new paradigm to drinking alone and really savoring the drink,” says Jangho Seo, the head of international sales and acquisitions at CJ E&M.

Another title being presented by the company at MIPCOM is The Good Wife, a remake of the popular U.S. show. “The success of The Good Wife is already proven through its original series,” says Seo.

Then there is Bring It On, Ghost, which tells the story of a college student who can see phantoms. Seo notes that CJ E&M has been stepping up its drama efforts as of late. “We have acquired some production houses already famous for their dramas and writers,” he says. “We already are confident, but also are looking forward for the future productions.”

“This year, CJ E&M’s production house separated into another entity called Studio Dragon, and we are now able to truly focus more on the quality of our dramas,” says Seo.