MediaCorp Lifestyle Shows Head to Taiwan


SINGAPORE: MediaCorp has sold more than 60 hours of lifestyle programming to Taiwan’s Asia Travel TV, marking the largest amount of content sold to a single channel in the country.

Asia Travel TV has acquired several travel and food series, including Bliss Seeker, Food Source 3, Footprint Asia, Jobs Around the World, Juz Noodles, Quaint and Street Smart. The satellite channel has picked up the IPTV rights for all titles.

Earlier in 2012, Asia Travel TV closed another licensing agreement with MediaCorp for 70 hours of food and travel programming.

Tang Yun Leung, the VP of content distribution for MediaCorp, remarked: "Asia Travel TV has been extremely supportive of MediaCorp-produced content. They have acquired a total of 130 hours of variety content from us last year alone, this is a strong testament to the quality and relevance of our variety production to Asian broadcasters. We will continue our efforts to strive for production of more unique and relevant content as demand for variety programs increases in the region."