iflix’s Studio2:15 Orders Short-Form Original Caraoke Drift


Studio2:15, iflix’s new creative production business for short-form video content, has commissioned Caraoke Drift from Pixel Play.

Featuring Asia’s leading female driver Leona Chin, Caraoke Drift will look on as local celebrities attempt to complete a song in a drift car. Filming kicked off this month at the Sepang International Circuit. The show, which is hosted by Malaysian radio icon JJ, is due to debut globally in June exclusively on iflix.

Craig Galvin, head of studio at Studio2:15, said: “Short-form content started as a means for self-expression and rapidly grew in popularity alongside the rise of mobile entertainment consumption. Caraoke Drift embodies Studio2:15’s vision in providing our audiences with compelling entertainment experiences with a local twist. We are thrilled to expand iflix’s content offering in the months to come with entertaining and highly engaging ‘snackable’ content, giving our members a diverse library of content and keeping them coming back for more.”

Diana Boo, country manager for iflix Malaysia and Brunei, noted: “We are committed to delivering the best in short-form with the launch of Studio2:15’s Caraoke Drift, a brand-new format poised to provide the best in professionally produced content graced with a mix of stellar local artists. We’re delighted to be able to introduce Caraoke Drift for the enjoyment of our iflix customers in Malaysia and around the world.”

Bront Palarae, Pixel Play’s CEO, added: “Driven by the increasing demand for quality local content, our groundbreaking collaboration with iflix’s Studio2:15 enables content creators to explore a new avenue in the local entertainment industry, giving more users across Malaysia a reason to press play. Caraoke Drift is headlined by some of Malaysia’s biggest names, and we can’t wait for audiences to sing and laugh their hearts out.”

Meanwhile, iflix and Macam Yes Studios have revealed the premiere of Studio2:15’s first Malaysian short-form original, Cupid Co. The six-part drama tells the story of a cupid who makes a human woman fall in love with him even though it is against the rules. The show stars Michael Lean (Kael), Michelle Leong, Dennis Yin, Amanda Ang, Tanesh and Ernest Ng. It is now available to stream and download for free exclusively on iflix.

Galvin remarked: “This collaboration marks iflix’s first endeavor in creating short-form content. We are thrilled to partner with one of Malaysia’s finest and most acclaimed home-grown content creators, whilst giving them a whole new platform to expand their talent and creativity. The vision underscores iflix’s commitment to work closely with creator communities, developing localized content that appeals to our local audiences. Mobile users are the driving force in internet viewing, and Cupid Co. is the first of many projects lined up for release in the next few months as part of Studio2:15. We are pleased to premiere Cupid Co. exclusively on iflix for free to anyone in Malaysia, regardless of their subscription status.”

Boo stated: “Recognizing a rise in demand for quality short-form content and iflix originals in particular, we saw an amazing opportunity for collaboration with local content creators that would allow them a broader platform to exhibit their talent and ideas. Our work with Macam Yes Studios is just the beginning of our localization plans and we look forward to showcasing even more locally produced short-form content to eager audiences, both locally and regionally.”

Dan Khoo, founder of Macam Yes Studios, added: “We are proud to have Cupid Co. premiere as an iflix original and we are grateful and excited for the opportunity to share our creative visions on a bigger stage by collaborating with Studio2:15. Working with iflix has enabled us to get another step closer to our audiences and fans.”