iflix to Expand Originals Slate


iflix has committed to quadrupling its originals slate over the next year.

iflix’s goal is to add at least 12 original TV series and 30 movies to its slate, in addition to new programs about sports and music. In 2017, iflix launched original programming and continued to premiere originals in 2018. With its originals, iflix aims to meet the increasing demand from local consumers for original content while building a robust local creative ecosystem in each of its markets of operation.

Mark Francis, iflix’s global director of original programming, said, “Pushing boundaries both through the creative process and challenging the status quo in local programming is at the heart of our originals strategy. The 2019 slate will tackle new challenges, including scaling success in markets where the talent pool is still shallow. We will continue to explore new genres, capitalize on unpredictability and take (calculated) risks. This game is part witchcraft, part chemistry.”

“We see combining outstanding local formats, top local talent, and leveraging local knowledge and creativity as the key to creating truly unique content in each market,” he added.