iflix to Adapt Complex Networks Programming


iflix has entered into a content partnership with Complex Networks to create local treatments of a number of series, including the celebrity interview show Hot Ones.

In Hot Ones, famous personalities discuss their personal lives while eating progressively spicier wings. The program is due to debut this fall in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The adaptation will feature a local host, and popular regional hot sauces will be added to the lineup alongside Hot One’s The Last Dab.

Other licensed formats include Sneaker Shopping, spotlighting the presence of sneaker culture in music, sports, film and television; and Complex Closets, which explores the shoes that define the styles of today’s pop-culture icons.

There is also Don’t Believe the Hype, telling viewers “what’s hot” and “what’s just hot air” when it comes to such topics as sneakers, clothes, tech and food; Get Sweaty, which looks on as celebrities work out at fancy gyms; and Price the Hype, a game show that sees contestants participate in challenges and answer trivia questions to win money and sneakers.

The all-new original series will air on a newly created premium, dedicated Complex branded channel, which will also broadcast the channel’s most popular global programming, available to viewers on iflix’s platform for free.

Sean Carey, iflix’s group chief content officer, commented: “We are committed to delivering the very best in snackable and short-form content to our subscribers, particularly the ‘now’ generation, a growing force with significant influence on taste and trend. Raised through the convergence of the internet, mobile technology and social media, millennials and the youth generation are well-informed global citizens on the verge of decision-making roles and their prime spending years, inevitably carrying a high lifetime value. We’re thrilled to be working with Complex, a market leader, to meet this demand.”

Craig Galvin, iflix’s global head of short-form, noted: “We have an incredible opportunity to deliver a uniquely local product based on a truly international format with mass appeal. Studio2:15 will experiment and play, break rules and create new ones, to ensure mobile-savvy, time-poor and globally conscious iflix subscribers are catered to.”

“The interests and topics that fuel youth culture resonate globally with millennials and gen-z,” added Shawn Strickland, the executive VP of development, distribution and business affairs. “This is an exciting opportunity to expand our programming with iflix, the emerging markets leader in entertainment, and develop versions of our programming that highlights the regional talent and passions.”