iflix Pacts to Produce Films Spotlighting Indonesian Artists


iflix has entered into a joint initiative with Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia (BEKRAF) and Badan Perfilman Indonesia (BPI) to promote young Indonesian artists in music and entertainment.

The partnership includes five film projects that will be jointly developed and produced by iflix, BEKRAF and BPI. It will also explore opportunities for further collaboration between the three organizations.

The first project is a family film inspired by Stephen Irianto Wally’s song “This Is My Holiday,” which won the country-wide competition Lomba Cipta Lagu Anak 2018. The movie is slated for completion by the end of the year. The four other projects are also based on selections from Lomba Cipta Lagu Anak 2018: “Menjelajahi Dunia” by Era Pratigo, “Teman” by Ghalifa Al Baladi, “Jika Hatimu Gundah Gulana” by Ikbar Haskara Damarjati and “Senyum untuk Dunia” by Fickar Iskandar.

BEKRAF will open nominations for young Indonesian filmmakers to submit their proposal to develop each song into a movie, with iflix as the lead investor of these initiatives. The program is meant to support the local filmmaking industry, with young directors across Indonesia invited to submit their creative ideas in the production of four follow-up projects based on the runner-up song submissions from the same competition. The series of co-pros will debut exclusively on iflix’s platform next year.

Mark Britt, iflix’s co-founder and group CEO, remarked: “iflix is passionate about supporting Indonesia’s growing filmmaking industry and delighted to partner with BEKRAF and BPI in their efforts to support the Indonesian creative community. Indonesia is Asia’s fastest-growing and most competitive market. We are excited to be working with and supporting young, talented local creatives with fresh ideas to offer iflix users the very best in entertainment, in addition to providing opportunities for aspiring Indonesian film industry players to showcase their work and make it more accessible to audiences across the country as well as worldwide.”

Triawan Munaf, chairman of BEKRAF, added: “This collaboration is very much in line with President Joko Widodo and BEKRAF’s vision to boost the growth of Indonesia’s creative economy. I am very pleased to see iflix join us in championing the development of local talent, giving young Indonesian creatives greater opportunities to work together. I support iflix’s commitment to Indonesia’s creative industry and investment in local content and content development.”