iflix Adds Live Tier, Advertising Options


Shifting away from the SVOD model that it has operated under since launch, iflix is revamping its offering with a new free tier, live linear channels and sports and advertising opportunities.

Billed as iflix 3.0, the evolution was unveiled at APOS in Bali as iflix positions itself as a “mass-market platform” for emerging markets.

iflix FREE will allow users to preview, explore and discover new content, including a curated movie of the day. It will also deliver premium short-form content, sourced from QYou, Complex Media and Korea and creators in local markets; original formats and adaptations; and iflix snacks, designed specifically for a mobile-first audience. The short-form content will be produced and managed through its new studio, Studio 215, which will produce 2,000 pieces of content by the end of the year. Also part of iflix FREE will be premium regional and international TV series, promo episodes from shows like Dexter and Goblin, and a slate of iflix originals. The iflix free tier will host more than 5,000 titles at launch, with expansion to 10,000 by the end of the year.

The platform’s new Live Hub will showcase local terrestrial and pay channels and live premium sports and events.

Ad opportunities will include brand and product integration within original local and regional content, premium video placements, including pre-roll, native video content cards in app, and contextually targeted presenting partnerships.

“When we began iflix, we naively believed that the Western entertainment model could easily succeed in emerging markets, and that price would be the primary customer pain point,” said Mark Britt, group co-founder and CEO. “Looking back now, we realize how superficial that view was. Fast forward nearly three years. Having now served 30,000 hours of content to more than 12 million customers across 30 markets, we have a much deeper understanding of the localization requirements, and infrastructure, payments and authentication issues within our territories. The data and learnings we’ve acquired from solving these challenges, today enables us to build a product exclusively for emerging market customers and challenge many of the traditional metaphors that exist within our industry.

“Working with over 300 content distribution partners, iflix 3.0 aims to offer content owners and creators a rich, dynamic platform to reach customers and monetize their content, while driving user growth and daily viewing habits with a huge selection of new, original, exclusive and highly addictive content.”