HOOQ Launches Original Series Bhak


Bhak, the winner of the inaugural HOOQ Filmmakers Guild initiative, is now available on the Asian VOD service.

The pilot is already available on HOOQ, with the second episode premiering April 25. New episodes will roll out every Thursday. The series was created by Arjun Chatterjee and Shreyom Ghosh from Big 3 Media and follows the Bollywood adventures of two aspiring filmmakers.

“Today audiences across Southeast Asia and beyond are experiencing a more diverse range of content than ever before,” said Jennifer Batty, chief content officer at HOOQ. “Whether local, regional or international, consumers are being exposed to resounding and relatable stories that challenge conventions. It was on this premise that the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild was launched, with an aim of providing aspiring talent across Southeast Asia the opportunity to showcase their creative concepts and bring their stories to life for all to experience. That’s why we are delighted with the success of the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild initiative, and the winner of the first competition, Bhak. We are certain that it will resonate with audiences in India and across the region.”

Zulfiqar Khan, managing director for India at HOOQ, added, “The Indian audience today have evolved and enjoy real-life relatable content. They are always in pursuit of content that is gripping and keeps them engaged; be it international content encompassing films, digital series or documentaries. Against this background, the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild was launched with an aim to provide budding talent across Southeast Asian countries an opportunity to showcase their creative concepts. We are delighted with the success of the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild, which has been well received from those in the industry as well as from consumers.”