FilmBox Channels Launch in Indonesia


JAKARTA/NEW YORK: Indonesia’s Dens.TV platform is set to host four FilmBox-branded channels, which will be broadcast 24/7 in English.

The SPI TV package will feature FashionBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox and FilmBox Arthouse. The channels are distributed by Filmbox International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kino Polska TV, whose majority stakeholder is SPI International.

Dens.TV is expected to launch first in Jakarta and Bandung. The service—available through TVs, PCs and tablets—will give subscribers access to several media options, which include on-demand videos, TV channels and radio.

“Adding Indonesia onto our distribution map is an important step as we are planning to grow our presence in Asia,” said Berk Uziyel, the executive director of Filmbox International. “We are excited to share the compelling content on our channels with Dens.TV subscribers and build a long-lasting relationship with this new platform in the fourth most populous country in the world.”

Ardi Sudarto, the CEO of Dens.TV, stated: “Dens.TV is aiming to enhance the lifestyle of people in Indonesia by introducing interactive features in the service, such as rewind and play in the VOD, catch-up TV for certain channels, as well as an interactive chat feature that is available among Dens.TV subscribers.”

Ario Widyatmiko, the chief content officer of Dens.TV, added: “Dens.TV delivers a fresh idea to the world of pay TV. A combination of linear-premium channels, thousands of hours of video on demand, and catch-up TV that is interactively accessible through multiplatform devices anywhere and anytime will bring a new meaning for you in experiencing their TV entertainment. By supporting and partnering with SPI, we are bringing a new service and contents to the younger audiences. This will not only enrich our content with education and entertainment, but also proof Dens.TV to be the right place for the young generation.”