CJ ENM Pacts with Toei Animation


South Korea’s CJ ENM is partnering with Japan’s Toei Animation to collaborate on new content for the global market.

Under the terms of the alliance, CJ ENM will look to develop Toei Animation IP into feature films, while Toei will create animated properties based on CJ ENM brands. The two companies will also co-develop new content. A task force has been created to accelerate the production of new content.

“Toei Animation’s IP has great potential for transmedia or cross-media storytelling, as they have an existing strong global fandom and appeals to a wide range of age groups,” said Jongmin Yi, senior VP of CJ ENM’s Content R&D Center. “We are also excited to see how CJ ENM’s original content that expands over 5,000 different IPs will be able to open new doors of creative possibilities for Toei Animation. Through this strategic partnership, we plan to develop never-seen-before transmedia content in both Korea and Japan.”

“We look forward to working with CJ ENM, a company that has been recognized for its borderless content, and its influence in shaping some of the new trends in the global media entertainment landscape,” said Takashi Washio, executive officer and executive producer at Toei Animation’s production department. “Combined with Toei Animation’s know-hows from a wealth of experience and accomplishments in producing global animation hits, we are confident that the two companies will be able to create synergy to create global mega-hit content.”