ATF Buyer Profile: CJ E&M’s Seung Ae Sohn


PREMIUM: The format market in Korea is “gradually growing,” says Seung Ae Sohn, the head of acquisitions at the broadcasting division of CJ E&M, who buys for a portfolio of 18 channels and recently snapped up Got Talent and Top Gear.

What have been some of your most successful acquisitions recently?
I would say the format deals for Korea’s Got Talent and Top Gear Korea. The format market in Korea is gradually growing and these two titles are quite meaningful deal for CJ E&M to enter the market safely and [devise] our strategy in the format business.
CJ E&M is interested in all kinds of formats. The key point would be how much we can localize the title appropriately for the Korean audience.
How much do you buy annually?
CJ E&M operates 18 basic cable & satellite channels. [We buy] more than 800 movie titles and hours of drama series from Hollywood studios, and major reality shows for our lifestyle channels.
What are the main genres you are acquiring?
Movies. CJ E&M has five movie channels, including a premium movie channel.
What are some of the slots you’re currently looking to fill?
It’s hard to say specifically. If there are any unique programs that can be attractive to the Korean audience, we are always interested in [acquiring it].
Are you interested in co-production opportunities?
Yes. CJ E&M also has a huge in-house production staff. We are interested in all possible opportunities for co-production.