Social Wit List: February 2018


Of all the new programs that launched globally in February, Star TV’s Börü generated the most buzz on Twitter and Facebook, according to The WIT.

Börü was on top of the list of the most-buzzed-about new shows in social media last month, with some 62,000 tweets. The action series inspired by real events follows a special operations unit responsible for the surveillance of the Turkish-Syrian border. Viewers tweeting about the #Epic show said they were #ProudofOurHeroes depicted in the #GreatSeries.

Netflix’s release of The Cloverfield Paradox garnered some 47,000 tweets. In the third installment in the Cloverfield sci-fi franchise, scientists orbiting above a planet on the brink of war test a device to solve an energy crisis and end up face to face with a dark alternate reality. There were #MixedFeelings about the #LastMinuteSurpriseRelease, with some on social media saying it was #Entertaining and others #ABitDisappointing.

CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother saw around 46,000 comments. The celebrity version of the hit reality series format Big Brother includes former Apprentice contestant and ex-White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman. Buzz on social media was about the #UnknownCelebs, though there was a call to #KickOutOmarosa and talk about the #UnexpectedRecastofHeadofHousehold.

The BET Social Awards on BET in the U.S. drummed up some 26,000 tweets. The award ceremony aired live from Los Angeles celebrated the very best (and worst) in social media over the past year. Feedback on the internet was that the show was #Boring, #Confusing and #Unprofessional.

ABC in the U.S. premiered The Bachelor Winter Games, which saw around 24,000 comments. The show watches as popular participants on previous seasons of the franchise from different countries meet at a winter resort in Vermont to find true love while competing in different winter sports challenges. Some thought the #GuiltyPleasure viewing was #Pointless, and others were commenting on how #TheJapaneseContestantStoleTheShow.

Antena 3 in Spain debuted Fariña to around 21,000 tweets. The drama series is adapted from the best seller of the same name by Nacho Carretero (released in 2015 and recently banned), which looks back at the golden years of drug dealing on the shores of Galicia in the ’80s and ’90s. There was much #KudosToTheCast of the #LastMinuteBroadcast, which has #GreatProductionValues, #FeelsReal and is #FastPaced.

The premiere of L’Aventure Robinson on TF1 in France also drew around 21,000 comments. The celebrity adventure reality series watches as two celebrities are cut off from the world and left to their own devices for five days on a remote island. Those commenting on social media thought the show had a #GreatConcept and was #NotLikeTheOtherSurvivalShows, in addition to noting the #CloseBondBetweenCelebrities.

C8 in France aired La magie selon Guény, seeing some 19,000 tweets. The magic entertainment show featured a world tour of magic with the craziest footage, the unsuccessful tricks as well as the biggest fails of the history of magic. The host and his panelists also perform some tricks. The #GreatTricks made it a #FunWatch, with many viewers giving #CongratsToTheNewbieHost.

Netflix’s release of Altered Carbon saw around 17,000 comments. The futuristic drama series—conceived, written and executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis—is based on Richard Morgan’s 2002 sci-fi novel of the same name. The #ActionPacked show had viewers tweeting about its #GreatProduction and #IntriguingPlotline.

The debut of Jet Sosyete on Star TV in Turkey had around 15,000 tweets. The comedy series tells the wacky adventures of a wealthy Turkish family who has its own way of behaving in society. The overall sentiment was that the debut episode was #Disappointing but #KindofFunny, as the characters were #Overacted.

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