Skybound Expands into Japan


Skybound Entertainment has set up a new hub in Japan to bolster its international presence and foster creative collaborations focusing on Japanese IP within the Japanese entertainment industry.

Skybound has already made its first moves with a significant investment in Remow, a global distributor of Japanese anime that was founded by Japanese publisher Shueisha and, most recently, with its partnership with Fuji TV.

Skybound Japan’s first project under its new banner, in collaboration with Fuji TV, is Heart Attack, based on the Skybound original graphic novel series by Shawn Kittelsen and illustrator Eric Zawadzki. The sci-fi TV series explores a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has saved the human race from disease—only to give birth to Variants: people with powers so unique that the government denies their human rights.

Skybound Japan will be led by Ash Nukui, producer of The Sniffer and Memoir of a Teenage Amnesiac and formerly of Bandai Namco Group.

“We are incredibly excited to launch Skybound Japan and partner with some of the greatest creators in the world,” said Rick Jacobs, managing partner of linear content at Skybound Entertainment. “As lifelong fans of Japanese content, the opportunity to help bring these stories to life in live action and anime is a dream come true. The adaptation of Heart Attack is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the Japanese market.”