Playboy in Hong Kong Moves Exclusively to now TV

HONG KONG, September 13: PCCW’s IPTV platform now TV will
have the exclusive Hong Kong carriage rights for Playboy TV for a three-year
period, beginning in December.

As of December 1, Playboy TV will come off other pay TV
platforms in Hong Kong. It has been available on now TV since December 2004.

Steve Smith, the managing director of Playboy Television
International, commented, “Having an exclusive deal with now TV signifies the
confidence we have in our partner. We are certain that with now TV, we will be
able to implement more extensive and coherent consumer marketing to generate
greater awareness of the powerful Playboy brand on television in Hong Kong. It
is our intention to extend this initial exclusive deal model to other Asian
IPTV platforms in the future.”

Customers can subscribe to the channel at a monthly
subscription fee of $54 for a one-year contract.