NATPE Outlines Plans for Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Events


NATPE has revealed its plan to launch NATPE Virtual, in support of the scheduled in-person events NATPE Budapest International and NATPE Streaming Plus.

Utilizing the digital space created by NATPE Virtual and its partners, exhibitors will be able to guide buyers through the content-licensing journey from discovery, to screening, to signing terms all digitally. This encompasses virtual screenings and secured licensing powered by RightsTrade; a virtual exhibition portal with showrooms and networking lounges powered by Vision Events; virtual content sessions, webcasts and online masterclasses, and custom sessions in partnership with Perigon; and private meetings between buyers and sellers with access to meeting concierges.

NATPE Virtual is meant to work in conjunction with the physical events happening in-person this year: NATPE Budapest International, taking place August 25 through 27, and NATPE Streaming Plus, set for September 15. Both events were postponed due to the global pandemic.

NATPE President and CEO JP Bommel said, “True to our vision to be the one source for global content, Team NATPE is deploying the most comprehensive suite of virtual experiences to complement our physical events and conferences. The focus is on content and community. Virtual experiences are not intended to replace the essential face-to-face meetings but serve as an alternative platform to provide for monetization, connectivity and opportunity to distributors and buyers. NATPE Virtual provides a cost-effective alternative for creators, programmers and diverse storytellers and storytellers when the desire for content has never been greater.”