MIPTV Spotlight: AMC Networks International


CANNES: AMC Global can now be seen in more than 125 countries, including new markets such as the U.K.

“AMC Global continues to showcase some of the most compelling original series exclusively for its audiences around the world,” says Harold Gronenthal, the executive VP of programming and operations at AMC/Sundance Channel Global. The new season of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere globally on AMC, first at various times simultaneous to the show’s April 10, 9 p.m., U.S. launch and then again in each region’s respective prime time.

Sundance Channel has also grown quickly over the past few years and is now seen in more than 70 countries. “Sundance Channel continues to showcase a distinctive blend of original series alongside festival films and documentaries,” says Gronenthal.

“AMC Global and Sundance Channel Global are experiencing growth in terms of ratings and distribution while aggressively premiering a strong lineup of first-window original series,” he adds.