MIPCOM Spotlight: ITV Inter Medya


CANNES: The online interactive game show Join Instant, which ITV Inter Medya is presenting at MIPCOM as part of its formats push, offers second-screen technology that allows viewers to play along at home.

Join Instant gives the opportunity to everyone with internet access to join the contest from his or her home,” says Can Okan, ITV Inter Medya’s president and CEO.

The company is also highlighting the format Celebrities in the Kitchen for buyers. Over the course of 13 weeks, 13 celebrities receive formal culinary training from professional chefs. The stars are evaluated on their cooking abilities both by a judging panel and a public jury of 50 people.

Answer If You Can, meanwhile, is a quiz-show format that challenges contestants to answer questions while they’re placed in uncomfortable situations designed to distract them. These conditions are based on the contestants’ fears, weaknesses, personalities and habits.

Love stories are also part of ITV Inter Medya’s MIPCOM slate. Hayat tells the tale of Murat, a handsome perfectionist who took over his family’s company at a young age, and Hayat, a joyful yet clumsy young woman looking for a job. After she is hired to work at Murat’s company, a series of events creates chaos, and at the center of it all is the love between the two.

Endless Love looks at what happens when a young man and woman from different social classes in a seaside neighborhood of Istanbul fall in love.

The company is also highlighting In Between, about Neriman, a young woman with big dreams who begins to question the man she is expected to marry. It is based on a novel by Peyami Safa, entitled Fatih-Harbiye. “In Between depicts life and love with all their contradictions and conflicts,” says Okan.