ATF Spotlight: ITV Inter Medya


SINGAPORE: ITV Inter Medya has been diversifying its catalog with the addition of formats, and for ATF the company is highlighting the new game show Guess Who.

The weekly hour-long series watches as two teams answer multiple-choice questions. The twist is that the choices to pick from are actual living beings.

Turkish dramas still feature prominently on ITV Inter Medya’s slate, with titles such as Hayat and In Between being presented for Asian buyers. Can Okan, the company’s president and CEO, says these dramas are “fast-moving and very exciting.” Hayat tells the story of a romance between Murat, a handsome perfectionist who took over the responsibility of a big company at a young age, and Hayat, a clumsy, joyful, beautiful young girl who knows how to enjoy life. Okan adds, “The production quality of our titles is world-class.”