DIRECTV Expands Mandarin-Language Offerings

has added the Taiwanese news and information network CTI Zhong-Tian Channel to
its lineup, creating a new Mandarin-language programming package.

CTI Zhong-Tian Channel is part of DIRECTV's new
Mandarin-speaking programming package, MandarinDirect II that includes Phoenix
TV, Phoenix InfoNews and MTV Chi, channels that were formerly in the
MandarinDirect package. The new MandarinDirect II package is available for
$15.99 per month.

"The addition of the CTI Zhong-Tian Channel aligns with
our strategy to provide our international programming customers with the
top-rated channels from their countries of origin," said Aaron McNally,
the VP of international at DIRECTV. "CTI Zhong-Tian, with its reputation
for quality news, sports, dramas, variety and entertainment television
programming, appeals to all members of the household and complements the
Phoenix TV, Phoenix InfoNews and MTV Chi programming in our new MandarinDirect
II package."