Bobby Smith Jr. & Brenda Jackson Align for Film & TV Company


Writer and creator Bobby Smith Jr. and his Ashore Entertainment have partnered with the New York Times best-selling author Brenda Jackson to launch a film and television company that will focus on Black romance titles.

The new company will develop and produce titles from Jackson’s collection of romance novels, including from her Catalina Cove series, Madaris series, Playas series and Bennett series, as well as others from her collection of more than 130 novels and novellas. Smith Jr. and Jackson will work together to adapt the novels for the big screen, with Smith Jr. overseeing and writing the film and TV adaptations.

Smith Jr. said: “I am so excited to be joining forces with the great Brenda Jackson to celebrate and bring Black romance and Black love stories to the television screens of the world through the launching of this endeavor. It’s about time that Black love and Black romance truly received the beautiful spotlight that they’ve always deserved.”

Jackson added: “As a romance author, it’s wonderful to write love stories and then see them adapted as movies. I appreciate Bobby for believing in my work and wanting to bring Black love stories to life on the screen. I look forward to working with him in this endeavor. I also look forward to working with Bobby to bring other Black authors’ love stories to the forefront as well.”