AXS TV, HDNet Movies Tap Greg Drebin


Warner Bros. and 20th Television alum Greg Drebin has been named head of content and marketing for Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s AXS TV and HDNet Movies.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Drebin is known for his global programming and digital platform expertise. In his new role, he is tasked with growing audiences on traditional and digital platforms as the company aims to expand its viewing demographics and consumer popularity.

Drebin will work alongside Andy Schuon, the newly appointed president of AXS TV and HDNet Movies, to whom he will directly report. Schuon and Drebin previously worked together at MTV, CBS Radio and Universal’s International Music Feed Network, which they co-founded.

“Greg Drebin is an exceptional talent,” said Schuon. “His dynamic, strategic and innovative mind and his industry expertise make him a natural fit for what we aim to accomplish at AXS TV and HDNet Movies. I am really looking forward to collaborating with Greg once more.”

Drebin added, “AXS TV and HDNet Movies are well-established networks with strong foundations in music and film. I look forward to working with Andy again to maximize their potential across all platforms.”