ATF Perspectives: atv’s Müge Akar


Interest in Turkish drama series is building across the Asia Pacific, Müge Akar, head of sales at atv, tells World Screen Newsflash.

WS: How is the demand for Turkish drama across Asia?
AKAR: Turkish dramas are captivating audiences across Asia, gaining popularity in regions like Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Known for universal themes, high production quality and cultural resonance, these shows connect with viewers. The accessibility of dubbed or subtitled versions and strategic international distribution have fueled their success.

WS: Are you focusing on finished drama, or are you looking at scripted format opportunities as well?
AKAR: The distribution strategy, current market trends and the objectives of the ATV distribution in terms of reaching a variety of audiences with engaging content all have a role in deciding whether to focus on completed dramas, scripted format opportunities, or both.

WS: What have been some of your best markets in Asia?
AKAR: Turkish dramas have gained widespread popularity in several Asian markets, with strong footholds in Malaysia and Indonesia. They have also found success in Pakistan and Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and have made inroads into South Asian markets. Turkish dramas are popular across cultures in these different areas because they have powerful stories, cultural impact and excellent production quality. We want our business to grow to include more Asian countries.

WS: What new markets are opening for you in the region?
AKAR: In the current year, we are initiating collaborations with India and Vietnam. Simultaneously, we are actively engaged in ongoing business negotiations with several other countries. Our objective in entering these new markets is to broaden our sphere of influence, extending our reach to additional countries and concurrently fostering relationships with new clients.

WS: What are your goals for your distribution business in AsiaPac in 2024?
AKAR: The vibrant Asian market continues to grow stronger. Our extensive content collection is doing very well in Asia, and we’re still committed to growing in this challenging market as we strengthen our ties with our customers. Our goal at atv Distribution is to expand into additional countries over the next few years. We currently have strong relationships with a number of well-known Asian broadcasters, and our goal in AsiaPac in 2024 is to continue these strong ties and make new ones.