CITVC’s Great Wall Doc Scores New Broadcasters


The international version of The Great Wall, a documentary from the China International Television Corporation (CITVC) catalog, has been sold to ORF in Austria and France 5.

The Great Wall is a collaboration between CITVC, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Beijing Keying Media and The BTV Documentary Channel. The doc was jointly created by CITVC and Pre TV Austria. It will premiere on ORF and France 5 in Q4 2018. China’s Tencent Video licensed the digital rights for a debut on October 26, simultaneous with BTV Documentary.

Jianing Shen, the executive VP of CITVC and general manager of CHNPEC, remarked: “This tremendous new series explores Chinese history from a global and local perspective, providing a panoramic view beginning with The Great Wall’s ancient roots to its contemporary stature as an architectural marvel. The collaboration with our international partners has been instrumental in showcasing a fresh point of view, as well as new discoveries on this extraordinary fete of human engineering. We are proud and delighted to share this series to international audiences all over the world.”

Thomas Matzek, the head of ORF Universum History, added: “The two-part documentary gives a fantastic new insight in the amazing history of China’s Great Wall. I was impressed to see the origins of this unique masterpiece that has become a worldwide known symbol of China’s greatness. This documentary filmed with the newest technologies creates a rich and colorful image of the genesis of a building that was designed for eternity. It’s fascinating to see how the milestones of China’s great history are connected to this gigantic bulwark that bridged several thousand years. I salute to this wonderful co-creation between Chinese and Austrian filmmakers.”