ORF-Enterprise, ORF & ARTE to Co-Produce New Doc


ORF-Enterprise has teamed up with filmmakers Nigel Pope and Jackie Savery for the blue-chip documentary Water of Life in co-production with ORF and ARTE.

The film portrays the landscape and fauna that surrounds a Scottish whisky distillery. Premiering in early 2021, Water of Life follows the stories of a special cast of animals that live close to a distillery and the mountain rivers that feed it.

The doc marks the most recent collaboration of ORF-Enterprise and Maramedia. It was created from newly produced footage and the producer’s archive.

Nigel Pope, founder and creative director at Maramedia, said: “Water of Life grew from our summer lockdown. We realized that although we were unable to travel very far, there was so much wonder in our local patch that we’d never filmed. Although the world struggled through the pandemic, it was one of the most wonderful breeding seasons in at least 20 years here in Scotland.”

Marion Camus-Oberdorfer at ORF-Enterprise said: “With the project Water of Life we continue on our path of offering wildlife and nature programs at top level in close collaboration with ORF and independent producers. We intend to intensify our teamwork with renowned filmmakers by commissioning and co-financing their projects. ORF-Enterprise offers a perfect environment for excellent wildlife & nature content in our diverse sales catalog.”

ORF and ARTE commissioned the program, while ORF-Enterprise holds the worldwide distribution rights.