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Lacey Entertainment to Launch Celebrina Series at MIPCOM


Lacey Entertainment is introducing the animated series Celebrina in Birthday Wishland to international buyers at MIPCOM 2017.

The CG animated fantasy series will consist of 26×22-minute or 52×11-minute episodes for the initial season and will be available worldwide for broadcast in early 2019. According to Brian Lacey, the president of Lacey Entertainment, Celebrina in Birthday Wishland “plays to something every child can relate to: the joy of birthdays and achieving your dreams,” while introducing life lessons.

Celebrina in Birthday Wishland is an adorable new young children’s series featuring lovable characters with charming storytelling,” commented Lacey. “Celebrina is the ballerina crown princess who whisks children to her magical realm, where she grants their wishes and guides them through their dream journeys with laughter, along with some gentle life lessons and lots of love.”

Lacey added: “There are always plenty of surprises in store when dreams come true. But Celebrina’s warmth and wisdom always leaves everyone feeling happy and hopeful about themselves and their futures. In the color-filled magical Birthday Wishland, children sparkle, every day is a birthday and Celebrina lovingly embodies the ideal that every day should be a celebration.”

Pierre Metais, the president of Ares Films and executive producer on the series, said: “We have pulled together outstanding creative writing and music talent from the U.S. and terrific CG animation production talent from Korea. The character designs exude personality. The animation palette is saturated in vibrant colors. The storytelling is upbeat and well-paced for the younger viewing audience. Talented voice actors bring the characters to life. The original music score and songs are contemporary—all contributing to a series that will attract a very loyal following.”

Lacey Entertainment’s MIPCOM slate also features the animated show Kiva Can Do!, about a little girl with a lively imagination who explores nearly anything and everything. Lacey noted that Kiva Can Do! “is a very delightful young children’s series featuring wonderful storytelling that reflects the imaginative play patterns of kids worldwide. Kiva Can Do! represents a welcomed departure from traditional girls’ programming in that Kiva is a spirited young girl empowered by her big imagination. “The heartfelt stories of Kiva Can Do! deliver a contemporary viewpoint about family, friendships and adventure.” Lacey recently concluded a global broadcast agreement (excluding the U.S.) with Viacom/Nick Jr. for Kiva Can Do! There is also Dinosaur King, a “contemporary classic, a fantasy adventure series that underscores the universal and timeless appeal of dinosaurs.”

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