U.S. Video Consumption Continues to Increase


NEW YORK: Over the last two years, ownership of HDTV sets, DVRs and smartphones has increased at double- and triple-digit rates, according to The Nielsen Company’s Three Screen Report, driving continued increases in U.S. media consumption.

“Consumers are driven by the convenience and quality that today’s technology now enables,” said Matt O’Grady, executive VP of audience measurement. “New mobile devices and enhanced TV quality allow viewers to engage in more content than ever before.”

According to the report, more than 50 percent of U.S. homes have HDTV, a 189-percent increase on Q1 2008, and more than 33 percent have a DVR, a 51-percent increase. High-speed broadband is available in 63.5 percent of homes, and close to 25 percent have smartphones. Nonetheless, the TV set remains the preferred screen for viewers, clocking up 158 hours and 25 minutes per user per month—an increase of 2 hours from Q1 2009. Timeshifted viewing accounts for 9 hours and 36 minutes. Online video consumptions stands at 3 hours and 10 minutes per month. And in the period, the 20.3 million people who watch mobile video spent 3 hours, 37 minutes watching video on a mobile phone.