World’s Greatest Palaces Heading to UKTV’s Yesterday Channel


World’s Greatest Palaces, a new factual series from Woodcut Media, is set to air on the UKTV factual channel Yesterday.

The ten-part series investigates the history, feats of engineering and pioneering design behind some of the world’s biggest palaces. It will also delve into the visions of the ambitious monarchs that inspired them. Among the palaces the series will explore are the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Henry VIII’s residence Hampton Court Palace in the U.K. and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany that was built atop an isolated cliff for the reclusive monarch King Ludwig II. Each episode uses drone filming, unique access and new footage to bring the history to life.

UKTV pre-invested in World’s Greatest Palaces, which was deficit financed by TCB Media Rights. TCB Media Rights also will be distributing the docuseries internationally.

Adam Jacobs, executive producer at Woodcut Media, said: “Some of the stories unearthed in this series are quite remarkable and will no doubt engage viewers as they ‘experience’ these majestic iconic structures and their unique backstories in a completely different way. As always, it’s a pleasure to be working with UKTV and TCB, who share the same production values and vision for the series.”

Daniel Thomas said: “Woodcut is once again producing an amazing, illuminating and accessible series. World’s Greatest Palaces will take Yesterday viewers on a journey through the history and secrets of some of the world’s most interesting palaces and castles and I hope they enjoy it. I’m personally really looking forward to it.”

Paul Heaney, CEO at TCB Media Rights, added: “When you have a show that follows a natural narrative combined with the key elements of our global fascination with royals, solid engineering and a deep dig down into history, it’s sure to be a winner.”