Will Mellor & Ralf Little Team for New U&Dave Series


The new comedic entertainment series Will & Ralf Should Know Better, helmed by actors Will Mellor and Ralf Little, is set to land on the free-to-air channel U&Dave and streamer U later this year.

The 4×60-minute Will & Ralf Should Know Better is produced by Afro-Mic Productions and supported by Northern Ireland Screen. Pulling back the curtain on a bromance that has lasted over 20 years, the series will see Mellor and Little explore out how they can do life better as middle-aged men.

Mellor said, “I’ve wanted to do a series like this for years! Going on a journey with Ralf to open our minds and push our limits…what could possibly go wrong!? We’re both in our 40s now and probably a bit set in our ways, so now is the perfect time to see how we could be doing life better. Hopefully, we’ll come out of it better equipped for the modern world and, ideally, still in one piece.”

Little added, “I am thrilled to be working with Will again, as it’s always so much fun. We’ve just finished our podcast tour, and I thought I might get a bit of a break from him! This time, we get to explore how we should be living in the modern world while educating ourselves and having a laugh at the same time. I can’t wait to get going.”

Jason Dawson, commissioning executive at UKTV, commented, “I think we all get to a point in life where the world feels like it’s moving too fast, so making a show that mischievously explores this through the lens of a friendship that’s evolved (or not, as the case may be) over 20 years feels incredibly timely and relevant to our audience. We’re hugely excited to be working with Will Mellor, Ralf Little and Afro-Mic to bring this to screens later this year.”

Cherie Hall, Dave channel director, said, “Will Mellor and Ralf Little are two hugely beloved stars whose onscreen and offscreen chemistry and warmth is an absolute delight. Viewers will love joining them on this journey through modern-day life.”

Emma-Rosa Dias, executive producer for Afro-Mic Productions, added, “We are very excited to be producing this new series for U&Dave. We can’t wait to get on the road with Will and Ralf, two of Britain’s best loved and funniest friends, as they challenge themselves and each other on a journey around the U.K. to get to grips with the modern world.”