War on Democracy Director Unveils Feature Doc Escape from Homs


HISTORY Films and the British Film Institute (BFI), in association with BBC Storyville, are on board Escape from Homs, a new documentary feature film directed by Chris Martin (The War on Democracy).

Escape from Homs is produced by Tom Brisley and Arrow Media in association with Vice Films. Following a theatrical campaign, the film will make its TV debut on HISTORY in the U.S. and BBC Four in the U.K. The film has been supported by A+E Networks for HISTORY Films, the British Film Institute with National Lottery funding and BBC Four.

The film is based on the book Under the Wire by photographer Paul Conroy, who crossed into Syria destined for Homs in the midst of the Arab Spring uprising in 2012. Escape from Homs brings to life Conroy’s experience in Homs and also tells the story of Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin, who was with Conroy but was killed when the international media center was hit by Syrian Army artillery fire. The film features exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage from inside Homs.

“The Siege of Homs was a living hell for civilians, and the bravery of journalists like Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy, who willingly step into the line of fire, is astonishing,” said Molly Thompson, the senior VP of feature films at A+E Networks. “We are honored to be working with Chris and Arrow to tell Colvin and Conroy’s story.”

Martin added, “Every so often, a story grabs you, won’t let you go and just screams out to be told. For me, this is that story. Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy’s commitment to the truth, and to bearing witness to the suffering of ordinary people in Syria, in spite of the immense danger to themselves, is a testament not just to the true spirit of journalism, but also to the best of who we are.”

Brisley of Arrow Media commented, “This is a story that needs to be told. From the moment Chris first talked about it, I knew it was something Arrow had to be involved in because telling compelling and important stories is at the heart of what we do. I would like to thank HISTORY Films, the BFI, the BBC and Vice Films for sharing our vision for the film and helping us bring this significant project to life.”