SIPUR, Bitachon 365 Team for We Will Dance Again Doc


SIPUR and Bitachon 365 have partnered to produce the feature documentary We Will Dance Again (w.t.), in collaboration with MGM Television and HSCC.

The film, about the terror attack on the Supernova Music Festival on October 7, 2023, will include new interviews with survivors and perpetrators and feature previously unseen footage of the tragic day. It is helmed by director Yariv Mozer (The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes).

The documentary will air in the U.K. on BBC Storyville and in Israel on HSCC/Hot Channel 8.

We Will Dance Again is a complicated documentary, telling an even more complicated story, and as such needs an experienced team to lead it,” said Emilio Schenker, CEO of SIPUR. “And there is no one better than longtime partners MGM and the team from Bitachon 365 to join us. With this documentary, we hope to bring the unvarnished truth of what happened on October 7th to audiences around the world.”

Executive producer Sheldon Lazarus commented, “The massacre at the Supernova Festival was a crime against humanity, broadcast in real time to the world by its perpetrators. The film we are making is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit against the most incredible odds and in the face of unimaginable horror. We are incredibly proud to be able to contribute to this project and to work with some of the greatest factual and current affairs producers to ensure this story is seen and never forgotten.”