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W Commissions The Beauty Rewind Clinic


UKTV’s W has ordered The Beauty Rewind Clinic, to be hosted by BBC Radio 1’s Vick Hope and Dr. Esho, who specializes in non-surgical procedures.

Produced by Whisper, the series will follow members of the public who want to undo years of social media-inspired procedures to embrace a more natural look. Dr. Esho will provide his expertise while Hope will stand by their sides for support.

The Beauty Rewind Clinic was commissioned for UKTV by Kirsty Hanson, commissioning editor, with Hilary Rosen, deputy director of commissioning and head of factual and factual entertainment. It was ordered by Adam Collings, channel director for W. Executive producer for Whisper is Helen Warner.

“This is such a warm, positive, uplifting show, celebrating self-confidence, highlighting self-worth and encouraging self-love,” Hope said. “In a world where we are conditioned to strive for unrealistic—often homogenous—ideals of beauty, resorting to sometimes risky procedures to achieve them, I have always cared deeply about spreading the message that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful and that we are enough as we are.”

She continued, “Everyone who walks through the doors of the Beauty Rewind Clinic is unique and brilliant, and it is such a joy to join them on their journey to stripping away the pressures to change the way they look and learn to love their natural selves, finding strength and pride in who they are inside and out.”

Dr. Esho said, “The art of what I do is to help my clients build confidence in their appearance. We forget that a physical attribute can have a huge psychological effect on us. Having the power to change that in moments is an amazing feeling. As a channel, W has always championed celebrating real people and empowering them in their daily lives, so to be a part of this series felt like a great fit for me.”

“We’re really excited to bring The Beauty Rewind Clinic to our viewers on W,” Collings added. “It’s a timely look at the pressure the public feels to look a certain way through ‘celebrated’ surgeries and treatments, instead championing our contributors’ return to a more natural, unfiltered appearance. The Beauty Rewind Clinic is a brilliant, entertaining yet sensitive look at how individuals are affected by this multi-million-pound industry and feels completely fresh. We cannot wait for everyone to see it.”

Commissioner Hanson said, “We’re so pleased to be bringing a brand-new series to W that taps into the real-world trend of reversing cosmetic procedures. What we hope is this series will help women embrace their authentic selves and finally eschew the pressures that social media places on us all. Vick Hope and Dr. Esho were the perfect pairing, helping our contributors navigate their journey to achieve a more natural look, and we hope our viewers love The Beauty Rewind Clinic as much as we do.”

Executive producer Warner added, “We hope The Beauty Rewind Clinic can play a part in a national conversation about the benefits of rediscovering and accepting our original beauty. It’s great to have Vick Hope and Dr, Esho on board to follow the stories of those that have grown tired of trying to chase an impossible dream via endless procedures. The final reveals are incredibly powerful, as family and friends get to see the person behind the procedures, sometimes for the first time. W embodies the phrase ‘life unfiltered,’ and The Beauty Rewind Clinic couldn’t be a better representation of that.”

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