UKTV Greenlights More of David Mitchell’s Outsiders


UKTV has greenlit a third season of David Mitchell’s Outsiders for Dave and UKTV Play.

In the Wall to Wall-produced series, Mitchell oversees three pairs of comedians as they try to prove that they could survive in a post-apocalyptic society by living in a forest with a wild set of challenges for a week.

The first two seasons on Dave and UKTV Play have been seen by over 4.2 million individuals. The upcoming season will begin airing later this year.

David Mitchell’s Outsiders is commissioned for UKTV by Hilary Rosen, director of commissioning, and Mark Iddon, senior commissioning editor. It is ordered by Cherie Cunningham, channel director of Dave. The series is co-produced by Wall to Wall in association with That Mitchell and Webb Company, with Leanne Klein and Victoria Payne as executive producers.

Mitchell said: “How brilliant that David Mitchell’s Outsiders is coming back for a third series and that I get the chance to put more comedians through their survival paces. I can’t wait to see them flail around in the outdoors in a way that is both hilarious to watch and carries within it the darker truth that, should society collapse, most of us are in for long, agonizing deaths. Plus, there’ll be lovely cut-away shots of wildlife, which you don’t get in any other panel show.”

Iddon commented: “We can’t wait to get back to the great outdoors with David and a new selection of comedians. It’s going to be even better this time with new challenges and new twists to unleash on our comedians.”

Cunningham added: “Our audience loves David’s comic voice on the channel, and it’s a pleasure to welcome David Mitchell’s Outsiders back for more of his unique outdoor challenges.”

Klein said: “We are excited to be getting back to the great outdoors with a new band of intrepid comedians to see how they fare with ever more creative challenges.”