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TV Real Screenings Festival Spotlight: Boat Rocker Studios


Boat Rocker Studios has a diverse mix featured in the TV Real Screenings Festival, including Chuck and the First Peoples’ Kitchen, a food and travel show.

The 13-part series “offers a thrilling mix of outdoor adventure, diversity and discovery as our amazing host takes viewers on this enthralling journey into the culinary traditions of Indigenous communities,” says Natalie Vinet, VP of global sales for unscripted. 

Covid America explores how the country coped with the pandemic over the past year. “Covid-19 has hit the whole world, and there’s real interest in seeing how Americans across the country have been affected and how the future might look. We feel this two-part candid series inspires and offers optimism that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.” 

My Trans Journey focuses on Dr. Carys Massarella’s patients as they work to overcome personal challenges and thrive in their transitions. They reach major turning points in their lives, and their journeys culminate in big gatherings with their friends and families. “A powerful series with immense human interest, My Trans Journey is a glimpse into the lives of the transgender community, bringing us moving stories of individuals transitioning,” Vinet says. “This series is inspiring and fascinating to all.” 

Relative Race is a unique competition/travel show in which four teams take a ten-day journey across the country to discover new relatives and compete for a $50,000 grand prize, using the contestant’s DNA as a road map. “With a surging interest in genealogy and family history in recent years, Relative Race shows the incredible impact that finding previously unknown family members can have, wrapped up in an exciting and hugely popular reality race format,” Vinet says.

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