TV Real Screenings Festival: All3Media International


All3Media International is showcasing a diverse slate in the TV Real Screenings Festival, encompassing true crime, lifestyle and more.

Caravan’s one-hour special The Secret World of Incels “offers unprecedented access to the men behind the keyboards,” says Rachel Job, senior VP of non-scripted content, of filmmaker Ben Zand’s investigation into the world of the involuntarily celibate.

There’s also the four-part Rise of the Billionaires, about Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. “This fascinating series reveals the inside stories of the world’s richest people who dominate our society, charting their rise to great wealth, from garages and dorm rooms to private jets and super yachts.”

The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty, meanwhile, is a two-parter “told with impressive journalistic rigor, featuring incredible archive footage and new insights from high-profile contributors,” says Job. The Optomen documentary “offers an illuminating and refreshingly unbiased take on the Kardashians’ journey to unparalleled fame and influence.”

On the lifestyle front, Job highlights Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars and the ninth season of Escape to the Chateau.