All3Media International Sells Wild Winter in Asia


All3Media International has scored sales for Wildbear Entertainment’s four-part natural history docuseries Wild Winter in China and South Korea.

The title explores winter landscapes from the North Pole to the South Pole to reveal their animal inhabitants, including the emperor penguin, arctic fox, polar bear, harp seal and even Australia’s common wombat and Japan’s snow monkeys. In China, it will premiere exclusively on Youku, while in South Korea, it will air on KBS.

Each episode is themed, offering an insight into evolutionary adaptations and distinctive physiological features; story of survival; cunning predation skills; and the cycle of life.

Wildbear Entertainment produced the docuseries for France Télévisions’ free-to-air public television channel France 5.

Wild Winter is a testament to the astonishing resilience and captivating survival stories of our planet’s diverse wildlife,” said Tony Ziran Tang, VP of Asia at All3Media International. “With its timely release perfectly complementing late winter programming, I am thrilled to witness Youku and KBS embracing this series, promising to captivate and entertain audiences across China and South Korea.”