There Is Many Like Us Among Scorpion TV’s Global Sales


LONDON: Scorpion TV has secured a raft of international deals for its factual content in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, including for the documentary There Is Many Like Us.

In addition to There Is Many Like Us, which tells the true love story of two people who met during World War II and reunited years later, iTVN acquired a host of other titles for its international Polish-language service. These include Tornado Chasers, Conquering the World, Wolves Unleashed, Shell Shocked, Infiltrators, Stem Cell Revolutions, Microbirth, Blades on the Storyline, Zapped: The Buzz about Mosquitoes, Xmas Without China and Cannabis To Save My Life.

The VOD platform CuriosityStream signed on for Microbirth for its worldwide service, while in Portugal, RTP went for Who Is Saving Whom, Zapped: The Buzz about Mosquitoes, Dirty Gold War, War Reporter, Forbidden Men, Art War and Red Light, Green Light.

In the Middle East, Al Jazeera acquired Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace, Linotype, Cyber Bully and Zapped: The Buzz about Mosquitoes. In addition, Emirates Airlines took four episodes of the kids’ wildlife series Come Wild With Us.

Alliant Content picked up U.S. VOD rights for Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Linotype, Survival of the Fabulous, The Paedophile Hunter, War Reporter, Planet Hunters, Great Decisions, America’s Diplomats, Sonic Magic and Red Light, Green Light.

Scorpion TV also inked deals in Australia, where SBS purchased Payday, Craigslist Joe and Boobs. Boobs is the story of British model Precious Muir, who moved from London to New York to pursue a career as a fashion model and underwent breast enhancement surgery.