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The HISTORY Channel Asia Airing COVID vs The World


The HISTORY Channel Asia is premiering the local original feature documentary COVID vs The World.

COVID vs The World offers insight into COVID-19 from the point of view of the virus itself and the scientists grappling to understand and get in front of it. It delves into how scientists, doctors and other experts worked to combat the micro-pathogen, as well as the concerns and opinions of public and political figures. The doc also shows how the disease has affected people on the frontline through survivor and healthcare professionals’ personal testimonies.

Directed by Chris Humphrey (Scars of Nanking), COVID vs The World marks A+E Networks’ first cross-country co-production delivered in Asia by the organization’s production teams based in Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul as a collaboration of their respective production teams.

The documentary feature will be aired on The HISTORY Channel throughout Southeast Asia on January 11 and will also be aired in Korea on January 26 and Japan on February 14.

Saugato Banerjee, managing director of A+E Networks APAC, said: “One year on from the discovery of the virus that changed the world, A+E Networks Asia is truly proud to present an insightful documentary on the topic from the point of view of the scientists. COVID vs The World is a show created in their voice. Our production team across Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul worked tirelessly to film, edit and produce this incredibly emotive documentary during a global pandemic. We are proud to share this film with our audience in Southeast Asia coinciding with the rollout of a vaccine that the scientific community has developed in a record amount of time.”

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