MIPTV Spotlight: Peace Point Rights


CANNES: Peace Point Rights is offering two series featuring celebrity chef Anna Olson at MIPTV 2016.

Inspired with Anna Olson, shot in 4K, sees the titular pastry chef travel throughout Southeast Asia seeking inspiration for savory dishes. “We expect this series to become the next hit in the Olson franchise,” says Les Tomlin, Peace Point’s president and CEO. Additionally, the newest season of Bake with Anna Olson was filmed in 4K.

“For MIPTV we are very excited to be bringing our first 4K UHD titles to the market,” Tomlin adds. “The appetite for food and travel content continues to grow worldwide and Peace Point continues to deliver top-quality programming in these genres. As both a production and distribution company, we are very skilled at bringing multiple international partners together to produce commercially successful content.”

The company is also featuring In Space 2: Next in Space, a sequel to the documentary In Space.